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Top 10 Things To Do Till Cataclysm

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October 09 2010

Top 10 Things To Do Till Cataclysm
by TartDarling

With two months until Cataclysm’s release and 4.0.1 looming over the horizon, there is one question on everyone’s mind; “What will I do until then?!” Raid lockouts for ICC and RS will be changing with the pre-Cataclysm patch leaving a lot of people with more free time in game and no idea how to spend it. Never fear folk. We here at Bow Down To Us have you covered. We asked around and have come up with the top ten ways to spend your time waiting for Cataclysm!

10. Wonder If The Loot Tables Are A Lie
While most people are ready to be over and done with both Icecrown Citadel and Ruby Sanctum, it remains a pretty popular choice. There are still quite a few people hunting Kingslayer (myself included!) as well as wanting the awesome, orange Shadowmourne. If you are one of the lucky ones with Kingslayer and Shadowmourne, there are always heroic modes to be had or trying for the Ice Bound Frost Brood Vanquisher. Tired of ICC? Well there’s always Ruby Sanctum and who doesn’t want to kill Barney? If all else fails, take an alt or three through there to make sure they can survive Hyjal or Vash’ir - and get the loot your main always wanted but never saw drop.

9. You Are Not Prepared… But You Can Be!
With a brand new, shiny expansion right around the corner there are always mats to be farmed and Azeroth gives you plenty of options. Planning on making a Goblin or Worgen in the expansion? Now is the time to do some heroics and get them BoA gear for leveling! (Plus there’s the bonus of having your extra emblems converted into Justice Points to help your main.) Profession not maxed out on a character? Well, get to it! Plenty of people are also setting herbs, leather and ore aside for leveling any professions they might change or for making a killing on the AH once Cataclysm drops. Farming can also be a great way to shoot the shit with your guildies when you don’t really feel like doing much, but still want to talk to everyone in game.

8. Gotta Catch ‘Em All!
Every WoW player has that one thing they’ve always wanted, but haven’t yet gotten… well now is the time to go get it! Tame all the Spirit Beasts, rep grind for the Netherdrake, get Thunderfury or the Warglaives, or even get your hands on the Mammoth! The really brave are even finishing up Loremaster (some for their second or third time!). Among some other popular choices are: completing the quest chain for Rhok’delar, getting a Mechano-hog or chopper, collecting all the recipes for the Chef title and winning the fishing tournament. Personally, I am determined that my priest will be the proud, proud owner of Benediction.

7. Channel Your Inner Goblin
What better way to start off an expansion than by having tons of money to spend on whatever you want? There is no debate that making money is easier now than ever, so you’ve got plenty of ways to try to reach that gold cap, from playing the Auction House to questing and dailies. Or if you are like our very own Lodur, you can always go into the Healer for Hire business. For those who don’t know the gold cap is 214,748g so you’d better get started! At least if you don’t get to the cap, you should still have plenty of money to throw around, and let me assure you, playing the AH is a blast sometimes.

6. Make New Friends
No, I’m not talking about players (though meeting new people in game is awesome too!) but rather reputations! Not only is this a great way to collect some of the older enchants and crafting patterns if that is one of your goals, but it’s also a great way to get some uncommon gear for RPing as well. There are some awesome mounts to get from hitting exalted with certain factions such as Cenarion War Hippogryph from Cenarion Expedition or the beautiful Netherwing Drakes.Trying to get to exalted is also a great way to see some content you might not have seen before, especially the players who never got to experience the joy that is the Mount Hyjal trash. Even if you have seen the content before, you can make it more challenging by seeing how you can alter it by trying to solo content or see how few people you can complete the Burning Crusade raids with!

5. Get A New Ride
One of the more challenging and time consuming achievements is the Mountain O’Mounts. If you are Alliance, it will get you the Blue Dragonhawk, while Horde gets the Red Dragonhawk. Looking at the list of available mounts, it may seem like 100 would be easy to get, but some of those are tricky! I have a guildie who at last count was up to over 200 Baron kills and no Deathcharger. The nice thing is that this is one of those things to do that is great for everyone. If you are a casual player there are plenty of faction specific mounts to go after as well as the Argent Tournament mounts while the hardcore raiders can set their sights on Mimiron’s Head or the Ulduar/ToC/ICC mounts. Even the PvPers can get in on the fun with the awesome looking PvP mounts. You can even play Mount Roulette with dailies and hope for a Green Protodrake or a White Polar Bear. There’s something for everyone and who doesn’t want to look cool on Motorcycle?

4. Increase Your Gamer Score
With the addition of achievements, even the most mundane tasks can be fun and they are a great way to just have some fun with the game. There are a whole host of achievements that don’t require a ton of energy or gold such as Master of Arms or It’s Happy Hour Somewhere. If you like a little more reward for your effort, you can go for Ambassador of the Alliance or Horde or even The Explorer. I’ve found that Glory of the Hero can be a really fun achievement to get with a group of friends. While most of the achievements required for it are easily obtainable in PuG groups, there’s something to be said about spending a day or two in heroics with some guildmates joking around and trying to pull off the sometimes frustrating Less-rabi or Zombiefest!

There are also plenty of achievements for those who like a challenge such as Loremaster, Battlemaster and Insane in the Membrane which can all keep you occupied up until Cataclysm’s release and earn a great deal of respect for anyone with the dedication to do them.

3. Multiple Personalities
One of the most popular focuses of players right now is alts. They are a great way to try something different (unless you are like me and feel the need to make 5 or 6 characters of the same class.) or just get away from staring at your main’s butt for a while. If you’re a healer, why not make a tank or dps? If you are a dps and tired of hearing healers complaining, go show them how it’s done! Tanks can back up and actually see the fights as a healer or dps rather than staring at boss crotches all the time. There’s also a lot of different things you can do with an alt rather than level it to 80 and worry about getting it enough gear to be ready for Cataclysm. Why not try your hand at twinking? Now that Blizzard has added the option to turn off experience, you can hit 19, 29, 39, etc and turn off the experience gain and have some fun. Even if PvP isn’t your thing, there are always quests and instances to try out. A few people have gotten creative with this and turn off the experience gains at different levels to do some classic and burning crusade raiding without worrying about out leveling it. Some of the really creative, like Cynwise, have even gone so far as to see what achievements are possible at level 19. Whether you choose to level to 80 or see what you can accomplish in different brackets, alts are a great way to just relax and have some fun in game.

2. It’s Not You, It’s Me
For those who feel that they’ve already done everything of interest in doing in WoW or are just feeling a bit of the pre-expansion burnout, here is some comforting news: WoW isn’t going anywhere. Don’t be afraid to go play something else. Between sales on Steam and the amazing selection of games that are out right now, it’s a great time to step away from Azeroth and into something new. Catch up on TV shows you might have missed or books that may be laying neglected in a corner. Hell, you can even listen to our Comics Podcast and see what’s new in comic books! Taking some time off and coming back around expansion time can be good for you and make the game seem like less of a job. As much as we love it, at the end of the day WoW is simply a game, and shouldn’t feel like a chore.

1. You Want Me To What?!
One of the funnest things to do in WoW right now is to try something different. Cataclysm is all about changing the game as we know it, so why not change how you play the game too? Open yourself up and try something new! If you are a raider or quester why not try some PvP? Battlegrounds can be a ton of fun, and if you’ve got a group of friends it can be a great way to see if anyone is interested in trying the rated battlegrounds in Cataclysm. Hardcore PvPers might find some fun in raids and heroics. If you’ve always been Alliance why not try the Horde side of things? We don’t bite too hard. If you are Horde, try playing Alliance for a bit, I promise they don’t smell too bad.

One thing that I’ve also found to make the game seem new and exciting regardless of being primarily a PvP fan or a PvE fan is RPing. I know what you might be thinking but hear me out! So long as you can get over the mindset that RP = Cybering, or that it is only for super nerds, you will find that it can be a lot of fun. I’ll grant you that it is not for everyone, but I can assure you that most RPers are friendly, awesome and helpful. It can also be a great way to make the game more interactive, especially if you are a lore fan. All I ask is if you try it, go into it with an open mind and please, please don’t grief people if you decide it isn’t for you.  You never know, trying something new might surprise you and open you up to a side of WoW you didn’t know existed!

Well there you have it folks, ten things to help keep you busy while you wait for December 7th. I hope everyone was able to get an idea or three on some things to try. Leave a comment if you tried something off the list and tell us how it went… and if you have any other suggestions, don’t be shy.  We’d love to hear them.


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Buddha's avatar
Buddha 10:11am, 10/10/2010

I tossed in some screens of relevant achievements (both old and new) from mah dr00d.

Recently, I worked on getting my Kalu’ak rep up to get the epic fishing pole, and have been working on various reps in order to get mounts.  I know… I’m a druid… don’t need mounts… still, I love mounts and now that I’m only playing my druid, I hate not being able to fly around on someone awesome.

My most hated rep of course, has been the Netherwing faction.  I swore I’d never do it again after reaching exalted on my shaman… but here I am, doing it all again.

I’ve also been raising my fishing (which I abhor doing), running randoms for emblems that I’m going to save till Cataclysm, and stashing some cash.

i had been working on a warrior alt, but as with every other warrior I’ve leveled, once I get to mid-30s, I get so tired of tanking stupid PUGs that I stop playing the toon.  It’s like I burned out from tanking in vanilla WoW and never truly recovered.  Tanked some of BC, but never as main tank.  And now, I’ve got so little interest in tanking, it’s surprising.

I got all of the heirlooms that I need for the Worgen rogue alt that I will be leveling come Cataclysm, so that’s no longer a goal.  And I am not gearing my druid anymore (to speak of), as she’s decently geared at 5K GS, and I know that come Cataclysm, I’ll be replacing all of that gear within a few weeks.

Lastly, I too have been racking a metric fuckton of Strat-runs, and have yet to see that Deathcharger.  Luckily, I need the Runecloth for faction rep anyway, so it’s not wasted time.

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