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Pre-Cataclysm Build-Up: Faction Leader Meetings

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October 15 2010

Pre-Cataclysm Build-Up: Faction Leader Meetings
by Lodur

Blizzard has been priding itself on the build up events to their next expansion; Cataclysm. While this is getting a lot of press time right now from all sources, it is something that actually started almost a year ago.

When Icecrown Citadel went live, players assaulted the new raid and dungeons with renewed tenacity. Many noted though that while in these new zones, the citadel would be victim of a shaking or rumbling. Many assumed this was just a function of being at the center of what is a essentially a magical construct of the Lich King.

This notion though was cast out after the earthquakes began to hit in other places around the world. In the city of Stormwind located in Elwyn forest, the city was struck by tremors that shook buildings and battlements alike. In Ogrimar the ground trembled terribly. These events happened all across the face of Azeroth in brief moments. Eventually Blizzard announced that these were part of something much bigger.

Now with patch 4.0.1 going live, we can see further rumblings in anticipation of the expansion. In the video here we have a meeting of all the leaders of the Alliance. They discuss the various events that are happening in the world around them. From the earthquakes themselves, to cultist activity and the appearance of random hostile elementals throughout the world. Players who played during the original vanilla WoW release will remember the various elemental invasions that happened around the world. There is some very useful insight here.

Here is a transcript of the conversation between the leaders.

Varian: We are ready to proceed. Magni, you have called this meeting. What concerns you?

Magni: You’ve no doubt noticed the string of earthquakes we’ve had in the last weeks. Something doesn’t feel right about them.

Jaina: What do you mean?

Tyrande: Even in Darnassus we have noticed that the earth is at odds with something.

Magni: I’ve received word from my brother Brann in Northrend. In his exploring of Ulduar he came across some unusual tablets… something ancient.

Varian: Nothing good has come from that dreadful place.

Magni: This might just change your mind. Brann is shipping the tablets to me as we speak. Preliminary reports from the Explorer’s League state that they may be able to help us understand what is going on with the earthquakes.

Mekkatorque: Our top minds have been looking into the seismic activities… well we’ve mostly been looking at how to secure a building’s frame while at the same time simulating tectonic shifts… because on the one hand, this could be a handy device, the “Shake-A-Ton 2000.” But on the other hand, the last things we gnomes want to see is the mountains of Dun Morogh collapse and crush Ironforge.

Jaina: So is that why you have moved out?

Mekkatorque: (laughs) Ha, not at all! Though it is a striking coincidence. Gnomeregan has been and continues to shame our people. It is long past time we reclaim our homeland.

Varian: Well, it is good that things have turned out… better for you and your people, High Tinker. But not all of us have the luxury of up and moving our kingdom.

Velen: And those that did know how dangerous these earthquakes can be. To this day, the Exodar is still shaking from our rather abrupt arrival.

Jaina: I’m not certain we could organize our people to move even if we wanted to. We’ve also received word of hostile elementals appearing randomly across the land, sometimes in towns, sometimes across the countryside. Moving may not be an option.

Magni: Well, there is a wee bit of good news… no offense, Gelbin. The shaking seems to have stirred up The Earthen Ring. Even the Wildhammer shaman have offered their help.

Tyrande: Perhaps these events are also what have brought the Highborne forth from Shen’Dralar.

Velen: It seems as if this world is coming apart at the seams. I’ve seen these symptoms before, on Draenor… we may not be able to stop this. Fleeing may be our best option.

Varian: Fleeing is not an option I wish to entertain at this point. We will find another way. Perhaps these tablets from Ulduar will shed light on our situation.

Jaina: Hopefully we can get these answers quickly. The people are frightened, and cultists are taking advantage of that fear.

Varian: These cultists only exacerbate the problem… they preach the end of the world, or that the world is having birthing pains… hyperbole is hard for the populace to ignore.

Tyrande: Troubling times indeed. Fear of the unknown makes people do foolish things.

Mekkatorque: And our lack of answers only fuels the confusion.

Magni: All the more reason we need to reach the bottom of this. This tablet from Ulduar will lead us in the right direction. Brann is sure of it. And if Brann is certain, then I am certain.

Jaina: I’ve made it a point not to argue with a dwarf when it comes to the earth. If the Bronzebeards are sure this tablet will help solve the earth’s problems, then by all means we should support them.

Of course things are happening on the horde side as well.

Thrall is standing by his throne. Before him stand Garrosh, Eitrigg, and Vol’Jin. An interesting note is that Sylvanas, Cairne, and Lor’Themar are all completely absent:

Thrall: Let us begin.

Garrosh: Are we not going to have more witnesses?

Thrall: I do not wish to make an event out of this, such frivolties are expensive and merely serve our vanity. But if you wish to have a celebration…

Garrosh: No, Warchief, this is enough.

Thrall: You know that these are troubling times for the Horde. Our supplies dwindle. Our lands are barren. Our warriors are in need of rest. These are tasks that must be addressed for the good of the Horde.

Vol’Jin: Da people be happy with our success in Northrend.

Garrosh turns to Vol’Jin: “Our” success? Troll, you played no part in the Horde’s victories in Northrend.
While I lead our warriors against the Lich King, you merely took back a few scattered islands.

Vol’Jin: Watch yourself, young one. You don’t-

Eitrigg: Garrosh! Vol’Jin! Hold your tongues. There are larger issues at stake.

Vol’Jin: Forgive my outburst. Warchief, please, continue.

Thrall: Despite our success in Northrend, we face serious problems that cannot be solved simply by axe and sword. Earthquakes shake every region. Elementals ravage the countryside. I can hear our land, Azeroth, cry out in pain.

Garrosh: These are the reasons that you must leave.

Thrall: Yes, I leave for Nagrand to learn from the elements there. They have suffered and seen many of the same symptoms.

Vol’Jin: How long you gonna be gone?

Thrall: It may take time to learn what I must. I trust that I will not be gone too long, but it could be weeks - even months. In my absence, I am instructing you, Garrosh Hellscream, to lead the Horde. You have the strength and courage that our people need to survive these trying times.

Garrosh: I am honored, warchief. But I feel unprepared for the life of a ruler.

Thrall: You will not be alone. You will have advisors: Cairne, Eitrigg, Vol’Jin. They will help guide you. And though I am leaving soon, I can also instruct you.

Vol’Jin: A good first test may be dealin’ wit dese cultists. Da people be scared. Dey aren’t sure what’s goin’on.

Garrosh: But even we are not sure of all that is happening. Should we capture these cultists and force their silence? But that may anger the rest of the people… Still, we cannot allow the cult to spread fear and lies.

Eitrigg: Now you are thinking like a ruler, Garrosh. You must look at all sides of a problem. Consult with your advisors and act with confidence.

Thrall: They will help you Garrosh. And I will help you. I will find the answers that we need to assuage the fears of the people and soothe the elements.

Garrosh: I will not fail you, Warchief. I will lead as well as I can, and I will consult with the advisors you suggest. I know what a tremendous honor you do to me, and I will strive to be worthy of it.

Thrall: Then it is done. Let everything you do be done for the Horde.

Vol’Jin and Eitrigg: For the Horde!

Pretty impressive lore items happening. The world is changing, and the stage is set for that change. Keep your eyes peeled as you move through the world. Elementals and cultists have been seen popping up around Azeroth in places they weren’t before. Watch for the earthquakes and other events.

Have you seen anything strange and new in your travels through WoW recently?  Share your experiences in the comments below.

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