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Time and Funds Permitting

October 02 2009

Time and Funds Permitting
by Buddha

This entry comes via Spooner via Samodean.  Around this time of year, it’s not unusual to find gamers writing up their wish lists.

You see fall is the gaming season.  Forget about Christmas or summer.  The gaming industry decided a long time ago that fall was to be the time to release their best titles.  This fall is no exception, however for the purpose of this entry, I wanted to look a little further ahead to other upcoming titles that have me excited.  Please note this list is in no particular order… I basically just wrote it off the top of my head.

Uncharted 2.  I will admit that I still haven’t finished the first Uncharted, however that’s because I hadn’t picked it up upon release.  I’ve been working at getting it finished over the last couple weeks, and thoroughly enjoying it.  Considering Uncharted 2 will look and play a lot better speaks volumes to me, even though I find the controls on the first one quite solid.  I like the Indiana Jones type of humor and overall feel.  It’s very well done… a lot better than any Tombraiders we’ve seen lately.

Bioshock 2.  I’ve got the original on Xbox 360, and once again, I’m ashamed to admit I have not finished it… though the blame is not all mine.  My 360 died weeks back and Microsoft has dropped the ball several times so far, causing me to keep calling them back.  I still don’t have my console back and I’m starting to get a little ticked… but enough about that.  Bioshock is another amazing game.  The story behind it is very well crafted, and the graphics are phenomenal.  Gameplay on the first is very fun, so I can only imagine how much better it will be with the sequel.

Diablo 3.  This list would not be complete without D3.  Like Spooner said, this is a WoW killer for me… without a doubt.  There’s something about the Diablo universe that I absolutely adore.  Sure, the colors are a lot more, well, colorful this time around, but I really could give a crap about that… in fact, I think the game looks better.  The addition of color does not take away from the dark history, which we’ve experienced in the trailers for D3 as well.  Oh, the cinematics.  I cannot wait to see the new ones for D3.  D2 took up a huge chunk of my life.  I adore the genre, the feel of the game, the gameplay, everything.  Cannot wait.

World of Warcraft Cataclysm.  In keeping with Blizzard, it’s quite obvious that I’m also looking forward to Cataclysm.  I cannot wait to play a worgen, however more than that, I cannot wait to experience a new Azeroth.  It’s needed a coat of paint for a long time, and it’s great to know that this is coming.  I don’t anticipate it will hook me as will other upcoming titles (nowhere near as much as D3), however it is still quite high on my wish list.


  • Borderlands.  It does look fantastic, however it’s also suffered a lot of delays and huge changes partway through development.  This is one that I’m going to wait on till I’ve heard back from early adopters whom I can trust.
  • Dragon Age Origins.  This has me quite excited, however when pitted against other titles, it falls a little short.  I will still want to play it though… just not immediately upon release.
  • Assassin’s Creed II.  I want to play this SO badly, however as with Bioshock and Uncharted, I first have to finish the first one.  By the time I get around to finishing those other two, new games will be out requiring (yes, requiring) my attention.  Who knows when I’ll get to you ACII, but I will.
  • Heavy Rain.  This game looks amazing… however we still don’t know enough about it.  Looks aren’t enough for me to hunker down that much cash though, so I’ll hold off till I’ve read some reviews.
  • God of War III.  This damn near made it on my must purchase list… however as it is the consoles are going to be getting played a lot.  I definitely do want to play it, and funds permitting, I will.
  • Left 4 Dead 2.  Very much looking forward to this title, however I’m thinking the multiplayer mode on Uncharted 2 will keep my shooter twitch sated for a while.  I still do want to run through the campaigns on L4D2 though, and so will pick it up first sale Steam has.
  • Persona may actually cause me to dust my PSP off.

I realize this is by no means an exhaustive list, however it is all that I could come up with off the top of my head.

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