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Mass Effect 2 Squad Bio: Legion

April 30 2010

Mass Effect 2 Squad Bio: Legion
by Samodean

This week’s character is the Geth Infiltrator, Legion.

Nearing the end of their mission, the Normandy crew find themselves in need of a way into the Collector base. If they make the jump through the Omega 4 Relay, the base’s defenses will activate immediately. The Illusive Man directs them to a derelict Reaper, destroyed thousands of years ago. Cerberus had recently discovered the Reaper and sent a research expedition. The Illusive Man believes that Shepard can obtain the Reaper’s Identify Friend-or-Foe unit and use it to sneak into the Collector base.

While investigating the Reaper, Shepard and crew discover that some of its systems are still active, most notably the Indoctrination system. The Cerberus research team had been driven insane and turned into Husks. Suddenly, a simple mission was met with heavy resistance. However, Shepard would also find an unlikely ally. Throughout the ship, they kept getting support from a sniper, later revealed to be a Geth. In addition to the surprise of receiving assistance from a Geth, it was only a single Geth. If Geth get stronger and more intelligent as their numbers grow, a single unit operating alone is unheard of.

In the process of obtaining the IFF and escaping the Reaper, the Geth is damaged. Assuming Shepard doesn’t sell the Geth to Cerberus for research, it can be reactivated and join the team. The Geth explains that this “mobile platform,” their term for “body,” contains more Geth programs than usual. Under most circumstances, a single mobile platform will contain approximately a hundred programs. This Geth, though, is host to well over a thousand, making it unique among the Geth for its ability to function on its own. Without any individuality, the Geth is unable to give Shepard a name for itself. EDI gives him the name “Legion,” quoting a verse from the Christian Bible.

Legion explains some of the inner-workings of Geth culture to Shepard. For the most part, the Geth just want to be left alone. They neither hate nor fear the organic races and only retaliate when provoked. The Geth that were working with Saren and Sovereign are a splinter faction, seen as traitors or “heretics” as Legion refers to them. The Geth fought for their freedom from the Quarians and saw the Heretics’ willingness to subjugate themselves to Sovereign as a betrayal of everything they’ve worked for. While Sovereign promised them technology, it paled in comparison to anything the Geth could create on their own in time. The Heretics were taking the easy way out and reverting to a lesser state, so the Geth Collective allowed them to leave in order to preserve their society.

When Shepard defeated Sovereign, he drew the interest of the Geth Collective. They wanted to gather more data on this organic that was capable of defeating one of the “Old Machines.” Legion was created for this mission. Legion set out, alone, to track down Shepard. He started on Eden Prime, the colony where Shepard first encountered the Geth. Unprepared for the human resistance he encountered, Legion was damaged, but managed to escape. It followed Shepard’s footsteps to Feros, Noveria and all the other planets Shepard visited on the mission against Sovereign. Eventually, Legion came across the crash site of the first Normandy. There, it used a piece of Shepard’s N7 armor to repair the damage it suffered on Eden Prime. When Shepard asks why Legion chose that piece of armor instead of any number of other suitable repair materials, Legion is unable to provide an answer. For an emotionless being driven by programming, such an illogical course of action remains a mystery.

Legion also explains why it was on the derelict Reaper. It was looking for some insight into Reaper technology, to combat a virus aimed at the Geth. This begins Legion’s loyalty mission, “A House Divided.” This virus is one of the bits of technology Sovereign granted the Heretics. They were to use it to force the rest of the Geth Collective to join them in Sovereign’s service. Sovereign may be no more, but the rest of the Reapers are still coming and the Heretics still believe their decision was the correct one. They intend to release the virus into the Geth network, creating an error in their decision-making process and causing them to join the Heretics in their fight against organic life.

Legion knows it must stop the Heretics, but it is conflicted in the method. His programs are unable to reach a consensus on the correct course of action, to either destroy the Heretics or repurpose their virus and return them to the Collective. Once infiltrating the Heretics’ space station and reaching its AI Core, Legion leaves the final decision to Shepard, believing that Shepard’s experience will allow him to make the correct decision while his programs are unable to. With the Heretics no longer possible allies for the Reapers, the Geth as a whole may present potential allies against the Reapers.

If Shepard gains both their loyalties, he will be called to mediate a confrontation between Legion and Tali. Tali caught Legion attempting to upload information on the Migrant Fleet to the Geth network. Legion counters that the information was based on Tali’s father’s weapon tests against the Geth. Legion is only responding to the Quarian’s aggression by providing the information to the Geth. It states that Tali would do the same thing if the situations were reversed. Tali will still not relent, and Shepard is faced with a tough choice.

Legion stands alongside Garrus, Thane and Zaeed with sniper superiority in combat. Legion even exceeds those other characters, as it is the only character other than Shepard capable of wielding the incredibly powerful Widow Anti-Material Rifle. Its skills are similar to Tali’s as it has access to Combat Drone and AI Hacking. Combat Drone, again, is a very useful and underrated ability, great for distracting enemies and exposing them from behind cover. Unfortunately, AI Hacking is still too specialized to be very effective. One thing Legion has in its favor is its final skill, Geth Shield Boost. This, combined with the Widow, allows Legion to possess extreme levels of both offense and defense, making it a solid choice for higher difficulty settings.

In the end, Legion is a disappointing character, but only in the fact that you can’t recruit it until very late in the game. Legion demonstrates great insight into situations that normal, organic characters would overlook. Unfortunately, the only way to experience most of what Legion has to offer is to progress through the game in a manner contrary to the pattern dictated by the plot, putting the overall success of your mission in jeopardy. So, be sure to make the best of this awesome character in the limited time you have it and hope Legion plays a large role in the finale to the Mass Effect trilogy.

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Dhal 10:40pm, 09/02/2010

It is worth noting that for those playing on the PC, you can modify your game files to allow you to use Legion as a companion from the very first mission in the game.

And this isn’t just an exercise in futility, gaining only his combat abilities. Originally, it seems, Bioware intended Legion to be available quite early, as he has a LOT of dialog early in the game. You can even take him to Tali’s recruitment mission and Tali’s loyalty mission and while the changes in the recruitment mission are minor, in the loyalty mission it completely changes the entire experience and you can have a TON of interesting conversations.

Buddha's avatar
Buddha 06:10pm, 09/03/2010

I would love more information about that. What app did you use for this?

Dhal 06:49pm, 09/03/2010

The editor I downloaded modifies the Coalesced.ini file in your ME2 folder. You can do such cool things as modify weapon damage, ammo size, and rate of fire. One of the changes I also made was to give the Widow and Mantis higher ammo capacity, but still single-shot, to make them more the Infiltrator’s signature weapon and less of an emergency weapon due to the small capacity.

I can’t remember exactly which editor I used, as I’ve uninstalled it and ME2 since, but any Coalesced editor will do. Here’s one.
From the screenshots i think thats the one.

To unlock Legion, do the following.
go into the editor, and do a search (most editing programs let you search for strings within coalesced.ini, find the line “IsAvailableGeth”. It will be buried within a whole unbroken string of other shit. Change the word “Geth” to “Leading”. That’s it. Legion should then be available after Freedom’s Progress is complete. And he’ll be in the AI Core then too.

Another recommended mod is this one. Download this one before you edit the coalesced.ini as this one is actually a replacement file for that. You can then edit this one to get Legion. This file provides keybinds for useful things in the gmae that don’t necessarily break it and make it too easy.

Numpad 0 - 10 squad points
Numpad 1 - Billions of every resource (no more scanning!)
Numpad 2 - Maxes Paragon
Numpad 3 - Zeroes Paragon
Numpad 4 - maxes renegade
Numpad 5 - zeroes renegade

Dhal 06:58pm, 09/03/2010

Oh one thing I should mention. After editing your changes you have to “rebuild” or “complile” the .ini again to allow your game to run.

I can’t remember the exact wording.

Buddha's avatar
Buddha 02:08pm, 09/08/2010

Actually, it doesn’t find that string in the Coalesced editor.  There are some that are close, but not quite.

I’m going to do a little more research on this.

Buddha's avatar
Buddha 02:10pm, 09/08/2010

Step 1) Download and install this tool allowing you to edit the Coalesced (File that contains weapon, squad, mission, and other game data):
Step 2) Open it up, and search for the folder you have ME2 installed to.
Step 3) Use the search bar and search for “SFXGame.BioSFHandler_PartySelection”
Step 4) Find “AvailableLabel=IsSelectableGeth” and change “Geth” to “Leading”
Step 5) Click on the Rebuild Coalesced tab
Step 6) Enjoy Legion ingame, his loyalty mission and everything else should work just fine

Buddha's avatar
Buddha 02:30pm, 09/08/2010

Ok… edited the file… though now I have no friggin’ clue where to find him (early, that is). 

Dhal 05:05pm, 09/08/2010

He should just appear inside the AI Core after Freedom’s Progress is complete and be selectable on the normal party selection screen.,

Dhal 10:01pm, 09/13/2010

Hope you got it all working.

Apologies for the incorrect info, its been a while since I modded or played ME2.

Buddha's avatar
Buddha 06:58pm, 09/14/2010

No need to apologize. I appreciate the info.

I haven’t had time to bounce in and try it. Perhaps tomorrow.

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