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July 31 2010

Welcome to Bow Down To Us

A lot of people have this misconception that you have to be paid to write reviews in order to have any credibility.  What they fail to realize is that anyone can start a site, push content out on a regular basis, which then allows them to advertise and pay their writers.

I hate to break it to y’all, but this does not make them professionals.  It just means they have a certain amount of business sense. 

I’ve been getting paid for my writing for nearly twenty years, however I would certainly not classify myself as a professional… nor would I want to.

What makes sites like Bow Down To Us wonderful is the fact that we are all passionate gamers with opinions.  I encourage my team to be open with those opinions, and not bite their tongues.  It is such honesty which then drives game developers to take notice and make changes when appropriate.  Honest criticism benefits both developers as well as readers.

So welcome to Bow Down To Us… where writers are passionate about games, comic books and whatever other nonsense we can find.  We don’t take ourselves seriously, we have fun, and it comes through in our features and podcasts.

Initially the crew and I worked on For The Lore, a site and podcast which centered around story-driven games.  We began to feel the constraints however, and a year later, we are now Bow Down To Us.  We’ve imported everything from For The Lore, as well as from WoW Dawgs; a World of Warcraft podcast which I produce(d).

Make certain to check out our forums, and make your own voices heard.


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