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August 11 2010

Contributing Writer

Renee started her gaming adventures on a Commodore 64 (okay it may have been an Atari 2600 and her brother’s copy of Pitfall, however a picture exists to back the C64 story). She grew up in a gaming friendly household that took pride in owning pretty much every console released, save for the Sega Dreamcast.

She often found herself having to compete for console time against her father and brother however, and so took up PC gaming.  She enjoyed everything from Oregon Trail to Alone in the Dark and even Deadly Tide.

Renee has always had a great love for comic books, and will freely admit that in the Marvel vs. DC debate, she’s definitely Team Marvel, though Dark Horse/Slave Labor Graphics compete for top place in her heart.

Her current gaming includes a variety of PC and console games, though to her great sadness she only owns a PS3 (and shares joint custody of a Nintendo Wii with her father). Her handheld system of choice is a Nintendo DS (in pink, of course).

As of late, she has been fully embracing her inner geek by learning Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: The Gathering.

Gamertags and Aliases

PSN: Tartdarling
Steam: Tartdarling

Twitter: @Tartdarling

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