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August 03 2010

Senior Editor

Vince is the self-proclaimed “Massive Nerd.” His interests range from video games and comics to anime and Transformers collectibles.

Vince was lucky enough to grow up in a family that encouraged the exploration of his hobbies, including a very old-school gaming mother. While Intellivision and Odyssey were household names, it was the Atari 2600, and later the Nintendo Entertainment System that would set him on a lifelong journey of digital entertainment. He currently plays on his Xbox 360 extensively, with enough PC, Playstation 3 and occasionally handheld gaming to fill in the downtime, though the Dreamcast will forever be his favorite platform.

His childhood comic collection consisted of whatever he could talk his grandmother into buying on trips to the grocery store, and prominently featured the X-Men cast of characters. Later, his horizons would expand through borrowing the comics of his friends, but his passion would die out in the 90s, when the industry became more about spectacle than substance. When the X-Men movie released to theaters in 2000, Vince decided to get back into his old hobby and is now a born-again comic fan.

Gamertags and Aliases

PSN: Samodean
Steam: Samodean
Xbox: Samodean

Twitter: @Samodean

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