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August 07 2010

Contributing Writer

Jason’s introduction to video games came courtesy of an original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), which he and his brother received for Christmas the year it was released.  He’s also an avid Dungeons & Dragons player, having found a 1st Edition AD&D Player’s Handbook at a garage sale for $0.50 back in ‘91.  As if that were not enough, he also delved into collectible card games, most notably Magic: The Gathering.

His first foray into online games though, was with Diablo II, which opened his eyes to the vastness of the gaming community.  Being the good Blizzard fanboy that he is, he enjoyed Warcraft (I, II & III), as well as Starcraft.  However he avoided World of Warcraft for some years, for fear that it would do for him what EverQuest had done for others.  Eventually he caved though, and now plays with his wife.

Many people will tell you that the game really does not start until you reach the maximum level. But for me, the maximum level is the end of the game and that is when it is time to roll a new character. I do not have anything to prove to anyone by getting the most amazing tier gear in the game, because it just does not matter to me. You can be proud to have over 1,000 hours worth of raiding time under your belt and for good reason, but I am just as proud to have 1,000 levels worth of alts and I can have just as much fun doing it.

Gamertags and Aliases

WoW: Belsynis on Durotan

Twitter: @Psynister

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