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August 03 2010

Executive Editor

Joe is an avid gamer who can trace his gaming lineage back two generations. He got his start with an Atari 2600 and Dugeons & Dragons tabletop role-playing, and has devoured all things gaming ever since. His geekery was also fueled by an early love of comic books (which he still collects to this day) and anime, which was supported by his family.

In addition to this, he has also succumbed to a few collectible card games.

Present day Joe plays games across all modern platforms, as well as several classics.

As of late, he’s also begun developing games of his own, his ultimate goal being to contribute back to the gaming community which he loves.

A while back, a friend asked for some advise on how to break up from a bad relationship.  To which I suggested;

“Get down on one knee like you’re going to propose, and then uppercut her Ryu style and run like hell!”

Gamertags and Aliases

Steam: Useperous
Xbox: Useperous
WoW: Lodur on Zul’jin

Twitter: @LodurZJ

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