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July 11 2010


Roger is an old school gamer whose pedigree goes back to playing Pong as a kid. He’s been around games (console or computer based) ever since.

His initial comic book experience was from age 9-10 till about 15, during which time, he amassed a collection totaling 6 boxes which he (foolishly) sold for a fraction of their worth… though the sale did allow him to purchase an Amiga 1000 (which to this day he regrets selling).

Flash-forward to present day, and the purchase of an iPad has rekindled his interest in comic books.

In terms of gaming, he currently plays on every new platform (as well as some legacy systems still connected).

One of my kids once told me that sarcasm hurts, to which I replied; “No.  A backhander to the mouth hurts.  Sarcasm is a tool.”

... and I wield that tool like Bob Fucking Vila.

Gamertags and Aliases

PSN: ZenBuddhist
Steam: bowdown2buddha
Xbox: UkuleleFreak

Twitter: @BowDownToUs

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