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September 02 2010


So you’re interested in writing for us.


You may want to ask if we’re looking for writers at the moment, but truth be told, we’re always on the lookout for talent.  Let’s be honest, who isn’t?

So now’s the time for you to do three things;

  • determine if you have the experience to write about the subject matter,
  • perform some serious analysis of your own work to ensure that you’ve the necessary writing skill and knowledge required,

and if you pass both of those stages,

  • prove yourself.

That last one is very important.

What that means, is that we want to read your work, on a regular basis, written as if your words were going to appear on our homepage.  You do this by posting in our forums.

Now, to be clear, I’m not referring to normal posts.  What you will need to do is start up fresh threads, with the exact same news entries, reviews, features or guides which you would have otherwise submitted directly to us if you were a contributing writer.

What are we looking for?

  • strong writing skill,
  • consistency (one review or news blurb a month won’t cut it),
  • knowledge of the subject matter,
  • character.

Email me a link to every single entry you write, and I promise you that we will read each and every one.

Know this; we have a very tight crew, as you’ve no doubt noticed from our banter.

If you feel you’d be a welcomed addition, then please, show us you’ve got the skills and dedication.

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